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Yoga is one of the best exercises to start or end your day. Thanks to its different levels, your muscles stretch and relax in different ways, helping us to improve our mood, and of course, also our flexibility. While it is true that we cannot currently go to a yoga class in person, we have our beautiful friend YouTube, where we will find a variety of channels specializing in yoga.

Yoga classes through YouTube, besides being free, are also excellent for people who are running out of time. You can take a class or more at any time of the day.

Xuan Lan is a yoga teacher who began to share all her wisdom through her channel, where in addition to finding class, you can also discover more about the world of yoga. From asana dictionary, challenges, healthy tips, and news about the world of yoga and spiritual healing.

Mady is a German certified yoga teacher, who has been in the yoga world for more than 10 years. In her channel you will find an incredible and exquisite variety of yoga classes, whether you just want to stretch your shoulders and neck after a long day in front of the computer, or move every muscle in your body.

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Yoga postures for pregnant women pdf

Six women of outstanding trajectory with whom you can take virtual classes, complete and focused on different levels of practice comfortably from your home, to continue advancing in the path of yoga.

It may be that, in it, most of us find what we lack in other sports disciplines: a deep practice that does not end in a physical plane, but also transcends the mental, emotional and energetic plane. A philosophy so complete and directed towards conscious self-knowledge and liberation in all its aspects, that its practice helps us to find ourselves again, to open and strengthen the body, to release tensions and attachments, to find answers and to return to the essence of all things.

Therefore, finishing a good yoga class is synonymous with serenity, inner peace and balance. Three more than desirable goals in the midst of the pandemic and in times of global uncertainty such as the one we are living that will undoubtedly help us to feel much better and to face insecurity, fear or anxiety with much more equanimity.

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Yoga for pregnant women first trimester

Practicing yoga wisely during pregnancy is a powerful way to prevent discomfort, adapt the body and hips for the changes, connect with the growing baby and prepare for childbirth.

If you have little experience practicing yoga, it’s best to start gently, evolving from gentle postures focused on stretching and breathing. But whatever your practice, in all of them it is a period of adaptation and should be taken with tranquility and awareness in the movements and exercises performed.

In addition, slower and calmer breathing exercises or Pranayama, such as alternate breathing, Nadhi Sodhana (alternate breathing 3:6-inhale in three times, exhale in six times-without retention) or Ujjayi natural nasal breathing, can help you to reduce nausea and be more calm and relaxed during this new stage of life.

To work on strength, practicing the Adapted Sun Salutation and warriors holding the posture can be practiced, although making slow and soft movements, to avoid falls and possible dizziness.

Asanas for pregnant women second trimester

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